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      +44 (0)1442 353005
      Our History - I had a vision to build a company with great values, with the ability to diversify into new products and markets - whilst keeping customers and quality at our core - Quote by John Bates, Founder, 1989 to Present

      Our History


      The Beginning - 1989

      On a cold November morning in 1989 SWR begins life operating from a small store and workshop in Hemel Hempstead. John Bates created the company under the name Steel Wire Rope Ltd with one focus area, supplying full reels of wire rope.

      Founded by John Bates

      Diversification - 1992

      At the peak of the recession the company re-brands as SWR Ltd, invests in presses, reeling and testing machines and develops a range of high quality Wire Rope Assemblies for trade. This leads to a move to larger premises in Hemel Hempstead to enable further investment in stock and capital equipment.

      100 tone press

      BS5750 Quality Accreditation - 1994

      SWR become the first totally independent UK wire rope supplier to achieve BS5750 quality accreditation recognising the strong quality ethos held by its owners.

      Quality Assurance - Observe BS 5750 Quality Assurance Procedures

      2nd Move - 1997

      Further growth beckoned along with a need to modernise. Jason Lee is appointed Managing Director and SWR moves to its current location in Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead to further improve the maufacturing processes and quality. Production of larger diameter stainless steel assemblies is increased and remains a speciality today.

      grind with arrow

      Website Launch - 1998

      SWR launched steelwirerope.com to help bringing us closer to the international market.

      Domain Registration

      ISO9001 Quality Accreditation - 1999

      Working closely with NQA, SWR achieve another milestone reflecting their “commitment to quality” by successfully achieving ISO9001 at the first attempt.

      ISO logo

      SWR Goes Global - 2000

      SWR begin exporting worldwide and steelwirerope.com is launched. Today we regularly export to all continents on a regular basis with SWR products reaching 50 countries by 2006. Read more on Export.

      world map Read more

      We Need More Space, Again! - 2004

      SWR doubles in size by taking over the adjoining premise in Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead to cover 15,000 sq/ft as well as securing a separate 10,000 sq ft storage facility also located in Hemel Hempstead.

      two industrial buildings

      Expansion - 2005

      You will now find our high quality steel cables and fittings on structures such as Wembley Stadium, Emirates stadium and The Hong Kong Bridge. Our customers include BAE systems, Ferrari, Maclaren and BSi to name a few. Jason is delighted by the progress the Company has made and particularly proud of the people who work at SWR who set us apart from the competition.

      Expanding in all directions

      Company Values - 2011

      Working closely with the employees, SWR develops a set of company values based upon the aim of creating a truly great company, both to deal with and to work for.

      Heart, light bulb, cogs and book Read more

      Website Re-designed - 2013

      Our "in-house" Marketing team did a fantastic job of bringing the website up to scratch, and now maintain and update the site regularly.

      screen shot of steel wire rope.com

      Fatzer® Partnership - 2014

      SWR partnered with Fatzer who specialises in manufacturing high-quality steel wire ropes for ropeways, winches and structural applications among other applications.

      Fatzer Logo

      Teufelberger Partnership - 2015

      SWR partnered with Teufelberger a specialist steel wire rope manufacturer for a wide range of applications including, cranes, ropeways, building & construction, industry, forestry, and slope winches, as well as personal fall protection equipment. SWR have been supplying Teufelberger products for the past ten years and became a UK distributor in 2015.

      Teufelberger Logo

      Tractel Partnership - 2016

      SWR partnered with Tractel® who manufactures hand operated lifting and pulling equipment such as Tirfor® and jockey™ winches.

      Tractel Logo

      SWR is Still Growing - 2016

      SWR aim to be a supplier of great value to our customers and employees with quality and innovation at the heart of everything we do. Today we have 55 great people (and counting), 5 key values, 4 million unique website visitors and 1,000’s of satisfied customers worldwide.

      graf trending up

      New Responsive Website - 2017

      SWR's in-house graphic design and web development teams created a custom responsive website to improve our customers online experience.

      New Responsive website screen shot

      Investors in People Silver Award! - 2017

      The Investors in People Standard is a framework of best practice, awarded to well-run organisations that meet set criteria in areas including learning and development, leadership skills, as well as recognition and reward.

      Jason Lee - Managing Director
      “We were delighted to be awarded the Silver award on our first time of applying, which less than a quarter of IIP companies ever achieve."

      Investors In People Logo Read more




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